KEUKEN is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street-inspired culture. Along with the burgeoning notions, we also enhance the festivity with lists of professional cooks and chefs, music performers and DJs, and engaged communities which we gladly invite for collaboration.

While many urban space regenerations move carelessly toward novelty, we often forget to look back and reactualize worthy archaic values. Yet within those seemingly oblivious behavior to environment and culture principles, we found many values on open spaces other than city streets that were worthwhile to reconsider.

Our fourth event will for once step aside from street-oriented fetes and relive one unused historical site in Bandung: KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie will trace the legacy of colonialism and its era of industrial boom in an exciting space lent by PT KAI, Gudang Persediaan Kereta Api Cikudapateuh!

KEUKEN adalah sebuah festival makanan satu hari, mengetengahkan isu pemanfaatan ruang publik kota dengan wawasan kultur jalan-jalan terbuka di dalamnya. Seiring berkembangnya perhatian terhadap festival ini, KEUKEN terus menambahkan deretan daftar koki dan ahli masak profesional, musisi dan DJ, serta komunitas-komunitas yang kami undang setiap event-nya.

Hari ini, ketika banyak regenerasi ruang kota maju tanpa henti menuju kebaruan, tantangan bagi kita adalah untuk justru menoleh nilai-nilai lama yang patut direaktualisasi. Nilai murni inilah yang kemudian kami temukan di banyak ruang tak terpakai lain―di luar dari jalan raya―yang pula patut diangkat untuk melawan perilaku alpa dengan kebaruan tadi.

Event keempat kita akan untuk sekali ini menyingkir dari festival jalanan dan menghidupkan kembali sebuah situs historis yang hilang dari kemajuan Kota Bandung. KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie akan menapak jejak kolonialisme dan ledakan industri antik yang dibawanya di Gudang Persediaan Kereta Api Cikudapateuh milik PT KAI!

  • Holy Cow

    Holy Cow is a divine bliss. Started its first temporary warung only three years ago, Holy Cow, conceived by Chef Afit and Lucy Wiryono who previously worked for local TV station, stands on an idea of ‘wagyu for everyone’. Their growth to opening another four restaurants in Jakarta up to now proven the love for quality steaks they successfully spread, as well as affirmed loyal ‘carnivores’ craving for their recipes every now and then.

  • Sugarush

    Sugarush is all about celebrating food. Their boastings about local prides - Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Sate Ayam, Ayam Bumbu Rica, Ayam Bumbu Bali, and more, was proven to be inarguable. On the other hand, their European cuisines with the likes of various sauced-pasta (pesto, carbonara, bolognese), baked rice, as well as indulgence for the sweet teeth, as bake fresh macarons, churros with 3 different dips, cakes, and cupcakes are far more than simple gratification.

  • Ismaya Group

    As a market leader in conceptualizing, developing and operating exclusive yet diverse group of restaurants and bars in the region, Ismaya Group will bring Pizza e Birra that serve you one of a kind pizza with a twist & wide range of beer selection and also SushiGroove that will take the sushi-eating experience to a new level. Their vision is to create a dining and lifestyle experience unique in its intimacy and style, in an environment of comfort where food and service excellence is exceptional and unrivaled.

  • Altima Group

    Ranging their food and beverages outlets and restaurants from the raw, adventurous Karnivor to intimate, homey Nanny's Pavillon, Altima Group strived their way in scooping Bandung's diverse culinary hunters. Through strategic twists on their group of restaurants offering authentic cuisines varieties from many countries, Altima gives their customer memorable dining experiences with their bold and unique concepts.

  • Fabrik

    The Fabrik Eatery and Bar's industrial interior concept combined with their assertive music selections attract mainly younger audience and gives a nice competition to the flourishing culinary industry in Bandung; as well as offering a new groovy hangout spot for its social-conscious patrons with quality food to enjoy.

  • Addictea

    Fresh homemade tea served with choices of milk combinations

  • Arromanis

    Decorated homemade sweet cupcakes and cakes

  • Baked & Fried Co.

    Mouth-watering choices of warm sauces over freshly baked potatoes and churros

  • Batagor Hanimun

    Fresh gigantic batagor with specialized savory condiments

  • Bin Ukon

    Preserved homemade food with combination of savory sauces

  • Cocon Snoep

    Nostalgic sweets and snacks, schotels and various klappertaarts

  • Eat On

    Cheese-sauced Poutines and grilled bockwurst sausages

  • Franken Chicken

    Selections of sauces and flavorings tarnished within chicken strips

  • Gerobak Kopi Jenggo

    Wide selections of Indonesia fresh grilled coffee

  • Giants Corndog

    American style beef sausage (on sticks) coated in a thick layer of cornmeal butter

  • Takbal Wang

    Sweet, savory, hot, and spicy oriental delicacies

  • Juicide

    Deadly refresher fruit & vegetable juices

  • Es Kering

    Cold snack in talas, durian, and banana flavours with Indonesian essence

  • Grekka

    Healthy, light assorted Greek cuisines made with Asian taste

  • Stereo Dessert

    Assorted ice cream cakes and trifles packaged in compact cups

  • Lemon Tree

    Clear, cloudy and fizzy homemade lemonade

  • The Dream's Cake

    Signature sweet jar cakes delivered in combinations of layering flavors

  • Mie Merapi

    Wheat spicy noodles blended with deep burning ice cream

  • Risoles Melepuh

    Croquette rolled in breadcrumbs with sweet savory minced meat and shrimps

  • Yoghken

    Healthy homemade fresh yoghurt with original fruity variants

  • Sumo Ramen

    Fresh fusion ramen delivered in a bar concept

  • Pompidou

    Sweet and savory treats in lite portion for indulgence

  • Kluni

    Fresh-smeared mushroom nuggets and finger bites

  • Pawky & Spud's

    Bite-sized mini sandwiches served in buns and slider rolls

  • Selaras (Open Grill)

    Lively beef grill greased with specialty condiments

  • Western Hotdog

    Quality large-sized hotdog fresh from the grill

  • Mayahauss

    Exceptional chocolate-based drinks and desserts with plenty specialties

  • Belah Doeren

    Fresh dried durian chips with seven sweet and salty variants

  • Saka Kroissan

    Crisp baked croissants with choices of sugary and savory fillings

  • Tongseng Si Mba

    Goat and beef stew dishes in curry-like soup with fresh vegetables

Chefs & Cooks
  • Odie Djamil x Ray Janson

  • Kandura Keramik

  • Keni Soeriaatmadja

    Bin Ukon

  • Widarta Ryan Permadi

  • Gianni Porto

  • Gustaff Iskandar x Reina

  • Zanun Nurangga x Syagini Ratnawulan

  • Afit D. Purwanto

    Holy Cow Steak

  • Eddi Brokoli

  • Frank de Vries

  • Ade Sutarsa

  • Aldi Aldhena

    Unilever Food Solutions

  • Yanto Hartono

    Executive Chef PT KAI

  • Budi Warsito x Ariani Darmawan


  • Geva Ariantyka & Bella Vania

  • Apep x Yana

    The Second Chance Project

Music & DJs
  • Jirapah

    Merry Nighttime Session

  • Autumn Ode

    Cocktail Hour Session

  • 70's Orgasm Club

    Cocktail Hour Session

  • Lucas and The Sound of McClay

    Dark Jazz
    Merry Nighttime Session

  • Vinfag

    Indie Rock
    Sunny Daylight Session

  • DJ Bergas (W_Music)

    Soul House Disco
    Merry Nighttime Session

  • DJ Ardos (

    Cocktail Hour Session

  • DJ Aldy (Bastards of Young) x LeBoob

    Pop/Hiphop/Soft Rock
    Cocktail Hour Session

  • DJ Awfi Mohammed

    House Hiphop
    Cocktail Hour Session

  • DJ Bimo Mahendra Putra

    Cocktail Hour Session

  • DJ DTS x Rimba Patria

    Eclectic Mash
    Merry Nighttime Session

  • DJ Melody Garcia

    Pop House Funk
    Cocktail Hour Session

  • Midnight Runners

    Modern Boogie Funk
    Merry Nighttime Session

  • DJ Deepta

    Sunny Daylight Session

  • DJ Munireng x Aditya I.

    Sunny Daylight Session

The Spice & Spaces

Spice and Spaces is a pop-up store providing curated goods as ready-to-serve food, cooking instruments, merchandises, as well as sheer happiness!


Ring Toss Contest


Happy Woman and The Lucky Man


Pizza e Birra & Sushigroove Challenge


Sugarush's Beat The Monster Pasta


Open Table

HM Community
Locomotive Marching Band PT Kereta Api Indonesia

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